02 May 2011

Pockets of Joy

My pockets of joy lately?

I watched The Royal Wedding.

My hips felt like they were on fire. (Yes, still, no relief in site. It makes me feel...well yeah. Let's not go there.) I couldn't sleep comfortably. I had my own little princess sleeping soundly in her bed and I want her to grow up remembering to celebrate things instead of criticizing or complaining about them. I don't necessarily want her childhood to be a cascade of ridiculous notions about a prince coming to save her, I would like to instill the knowledge she is strong enough to save herself. I know these words and my actions might not make sense, but they do a perfect dance in my own nonsensical head.

Feeling inspired by the snow on Saturday morning instead of whining about it. Letting the delicious veggie omelet I threw together with mushrooms and tomatoes further fuel my gratefulness for snow in April. Hey, there are worse things in the world. Our day was filled with tiny nuggets of bliss, a quiet house, a napping babe, relishing in every last word of 'Real Simple' magazine while R did some work for Appdicted.

Sookie deciding to take 4 1/2 hours worth of naps on Saturday was revolutionary. This is a day that should be marked down in history. This is the same little one who has had such a hard time with naps for so long. She's getting into a new phase and the fact I'm reveling in it and sharing on the blog will probably mean she will be back to one twenty minute nap next week.

Our little family date of going to the pet store, dinner at Rumbi, and a trip to Target. She is quite the little wiggle worm lately and oh boy I was glad for R's help at Target. I found a cutesy polka dot shirt for $7. Score. Shallow? Yes. Very much so. But score nonetheless.

This laugh:

We call it her George Bush laugh. I think it is the greatest.

Yes, I have way too many shampoo and conditioner bottles in my shower. It is a problem. We will talk about it in a later post. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact I like to be in control and have a million different choices available to me at any given moment. ;)

These are the microscopic things and sometimes the not so microscopic things I cling to when the earth seems too harsh for my spirit.

Sookie wishes you a happy Monday...
& also, peace, love, & camo.
(according to her hat)
(I'm not a fan of pink camo, but Poppa bought it and he was so overcome with such a child-like high to give it to her, I simply had to oblige.)


  1. OMG, that laugh is hilarious.

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