27 August 2012

hello monday: threw away all her excuses

hello monday.

hello to my new goal of going for a walk every morning.

hello to pushing myself to new heights.

hello to baby in the buff sitting in daddy's guitar case.

hello to cherishing every aspect of your neighborhood, because you don't know how much longer you will inhabit it.

hello to wanting, aching, to make your legs stronger.

hello to indulging in your inner adorable ham.

hello to sushi and mango white tea at the splash pad.

hello to hanging onto summer with every fiber in your being.

hello to loving bigger.
hello to loving better.
hello to loving with reckless abandon.

hello to jumping up and down like a wild monkey (as opposed to a tame, housebroken monkey, hahaha) when your girl does her business in the toilet.

hello to letting her run around the park barefoot.

hello to roasting marshmallows in glamma and poppa's backyard.
hello to soft rain falling peacefully.
hello to double rainbows.

hello to purple fairy wings, a glow in the dark "crown", and potato bugs in a pink bowl.

hello to my new technique of dealing with tempter tantrums:
dancing to "walk it out" until she has no choice but to laugh at me and join my antics.

hello to waffle love, two saturdays in a row.
(a sinfully delicious gourmet waffle truck that drives around provo to make your tummy happy!)

hello to bright blue skirts and sunshine yellow flowers.

hello to adding fairy dust to multigrain blueberry pancakes in the form of sprinkles.

hello to the queen of the woods.

hello to the top of the world, with poppa.

hello to throwing away all of my excuses, to saying yes. to life, to people, to experiences, to love, even to difficult situations. i truly have control over how my life will be, and that is terrifyingly beautiful! start saying yes to life and amazing things will happen. throw away your excuses. this is your one wild and precious story. 

(post inspired by lisa leonard's series. linking up with her as well!)

what are you saying hello to this week?