13 May 2015

Another Miracle Day

Three Saturdays ago marked 20 1/2 years since my kidney transplant. Twenty and a half years since my momma gave me life for a second time. I was still getting used to saying twenty years ago. A whole new chunk of time has passed! It is refreshing for me to pause for a few minutes and reflect how hard I've fought to get to now. Even if I don't dwell on all of the battles. Amid the whirlwind of motherhood and businesses and tee shirts and fundraising and living and being and dishes and laundry and cleaning and playing, to remember I cannot take another miracle day lightly. I don't want to brush off a day as ordinary and that is something I'm realizing I need to work on. Up against everything that has occurred in my life, I can sometimes get discouraged by the normal stuff. Which is beyond silly! My story has ups and downs like all of ours, and the ups definitely need to be embraced.

We are in a good, chaotic season of our lives right now. These are the days. Truly. I get giddy going to pick Sookie up from school because I miss her so much while she is there. She has the most incredible teacher. I adore the animals and art and plants and projects that have been a part of her world since August.

This week I'm taking a breath of recovery after chaos from last week, getting ready for more craziness when June hits. Our family laughs at how hustle and bustle our Junes have become. I love it though. So many chances to do good and make memories. How can I be stressed about that?