01 June 2012

we write to taste life twice

this need i have to write, to document, to record...well, it is big. often bigger than me. i've felt unsettled lately that the lack of writing here doesn't reflect the enormity of what has been happening in our lives. there is no doubt, a lot. a lot of life swinging from every corner of our world in these boxes that mark off the days. big things. important things. milestone variety things! and there are the little things i cherish, i ache for, every pumping vein in my body dances for: like how a week or so ago, our entire front porch was an dazzling array of haphazard chalk colors courtesy of a budding two year old artist. she made the discovery the hues were intensified when dipped in water and whoosh, away she went with creativity and passion. the sweetest thing? the rainbow pigmented little tiny foot prints.

our little miss is growing, learning, truly blossoming. her hair is nearly reaching her lower back. she runs and skips with ease. her movements are more deliberate. she says hair with a southern accent. her take on dinosaur is the ever adorable, dinosume. her words have evolved into sentences. long, fast, information packed sentences. she is navigating the waters of complex emotions. i remind myself often that i am capable of showing her how to act like a lady, but at the same time fight with an intense fervor for what she believes in. she always has a kind word when daddy sneezes, or when she senses i am upset. bless you daddy. and it's okay momma. 

but the best ever?

a completely unprompted:
i la lou mommy.
(i love you mommy.)

that is how i know i'm doing something right.

this summer feels epic, what with the weddings and the parties and the music and the people and the mingling and the sacred dance of life. two of my favorite artists (john mayer and brandi carlile) are releasing new albums and in my heart that signifies new exploding memories that will be set to fresh lyrics that make me shiver with wonder and agreement. i love that music can do that to you. i love that music does that to a soul.

i feel good that there are things that need to change. i feel great that every.single.day i'm learning ways to become a more at peace version of myself. i feel a deep gratitude that i am the one who has been entrusted with showing our girl how beautiful the world is. i feel wonderful that r and i both want to love better.

it is all on the up & up baby! :)