30 March 2016


Easing gently back into this whole blogging thing with a super simple prompt. Thank you Dear Lizzy for motivating me to hop back on the blogging train! Mwah!


LISTENING: to my indie happy playlist on Spotify!
WATCHING: Buffy. For the first time ever. Yay!
BUYING: I literally finished pressing the buy button on this darling wallet a few minutes ago! Hi. In some ways, I will forever be 19.
EATING: Drinking way too many Dirty Diet Cokes from Pop Shop. Lots of tacos too.
LOVING: Sookie's budding love for reading all the things!
WEARING: Black leggings (always), graphic tees, Rory's sweaters, and ankle boots. March in Utah is cold yo.
READING: There are six books on my currently reading list on goodreads. I try to juggle way too many at once. My favorites among them are Carly Simon's memoir and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
FEELING: Inspired by anything and everything. The world is so damn beautiful, sometimes my heart can't take it.
LAUGHING: Over Friends. Particularly the one when Ross has a fake accent while teaching.
GETTING READY: For Cotton Lane Market next month in Lehi, UT at the Mandie Sue Salon! We will have a gLockets booth as well as a Today Is A Miracle booth with fresh tees to support Cystinosis research! I can't wait! Come on out if you are a Utah local!