31 May 2011

15 Months

Oh, sugar bean you are 15 months old!

(Yes, momma is very late with this one, seeing how you will be 16 months tomorrow.)

An equally appropriate alternative title for this post to you would be "Belly Buttons & Birds." You are obsessed with both of these things lately and it warms my being to see your little soul break out in fits of flutters whenever you see either of these wonderful phenomenons. According to you, belly buttons are so hilarious they deserve a round of giggles with each viewing and birds are such magnificent creatures that they might as well be unicorns soaring seamlessly in the sky. I love this about you; already finding the magic in the every day details.

You are now walking all around, with sass and confidence to boot. It is a big relief to me as you were indulging in that signature "Sookie scoot" of yours and I began to worry about the state of your hips and bones. At your 15 month checkup we addressed this concern with Dr. G and he reassured us you were okay. Momma can't help but go over every detail of your health with a fine tooth comb; it is my nature. I truly embrace it as an entirely separate miracle that you are healthy. It is such a monstrous blessing on top of everything else; it is like ten million cherries atop an already more than perfect sundae.

You, a year ago.

Look how much you have grown!?

I love it.

I refuse to be sad that you are growing up. I see so many mommas complain about their kids getting older, but I wish we could all treasure the gift of time and life. Wouldn't that be a revolution to behold? Because it means you are healthy enough to do so: grow, blossom, learn new things, discover your talents, your preferences, you are strong; because it is the secret of life and every minute you embrace as it is happening makes the future that much sweeter to watch unfold.


  1. What a sweetie! You are right, instead of lamenitng about my children getting older I should be celebrating the fact that they are healthy enouhg to grow!! Enjoy!

  2. How adorable :) I only tear up on birthdays - and I'm fine the rest of the year {mostly!!}

  3. She just gets more beautiful everyday!

  4. I can't wait to see you both and have that sweet angel wrap me around her finger even tighter! 7 days until aunite F is there to hug and snuggle!

  5. Oh I just LOVE how you have the placards with the age! So adorable!!! And my goodness mamma- when they were handing out babies they definitely gave you an extra cute one:)

  6. I love your blog I too have a blog to my daughter starting from the day I found out I was pregnant - our daughters seem to reach the same milestones and interests at the same time! Thank you for sharing

  7. Tahnie! This post is so cute. My cousin actually does this with his son Owen every week! :)


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