28 May 2011

Hang On Little Tomato

Currently I am indulging in too many vices; a Diet Coke, a strawberry shake from our favorite local place, and the Summer 2011 Stella & Dot Lookbook. (Want one? Send me your address and I will get one in the mail to you. ;)

Keep in mind, about 6 weeks ago I realized deleting Diet Coke from my daily habits might be a good choice for everyone involved; namely me, myself, and my poor destroyed stomach. I've been doing really well with only a few slip ups, but tonight I fell off the wagon again.

Yes, I blatantly stole this blog title from the Pink Martini song. It felt fitting for this week and the past several. Alternate titles I contemplated for this post? "Finding Balance On A Roller Coaster" and "Authentic Self". After yet another doctor appointment today I realized I have more of an easier time staying true to my authentic self when the waters of my life are calm. The more stress that piles on and the fear and worry swirling, well they pull me farther and farther away from who I really am at my core.

This afternoon, R went to work, my mom went home and I nestled back into my greatest role as momma. The weight of the week pressed heavy on me and I wanted to curl up and nap all afternoon. Instead, I powered through the seemingly endless fatigue and took my girl to the park. Just the two of us.

We are all friends here, right?

Can I confess that Wednesday I was so happy to find out I don't have lupus (or any other auto-immune disease) that I didn't even mind fishing Sookie poop out of the bathtub. Seriously, I didn't! I was just so thankful for all the gross mommy stuff I get to do.

Needless to say this week was a big wake up call and I am grateful. Oh so grateful. It is easy to throw your hands in the air and have a pity party when you face hurdles, but at the end of the day, we are all so lucky.

Sorry, this post (and my emotions) are all over the map.

And two quick housekeeping items to share with you;

1) Stella & Dot is having a fabulous sale until Tuesday!

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2) I'm nominated for June's Blog of the month over at For The Love Of Blogs.
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I would absolutely love it if you could take a few seconds to vote for me over there!

Thank you SO much.

Sookie says night night:

I love her so. ;)

On my agenda for the next few days?
}} Enjoy a few days with no doctor appointments. Woohoo!
}} Pedicure and lunch with some of my favorite gals.
}} A viewing of The Hangover 2
Wishing you the happiest of weekends.


  1. I can't wait to see The Hangover II - my friends that have already seen it say it may even be funnier than the first! :)
    I voted for you. Hope you win.
    Have an awesome weekend!!!

  2. What a sweet video Tahnie! I am glad about your news regarding your health. I want to apologize, I thought by one of your previous posts that you didn't know what condition you had. I could relate in so many levels, by all means I didn't want to add to your worry. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting!
    I am all a twitter about life

  3. Shae - I can't wait to see it either! Thank you so much for the vote! :)

    Lisa - I went to three different doctors last week and no one can tell me what is causing the circulation issues. It might be related to my main health issue, Cystinosis, and it might not be. I'm appreciative of the info you provided me about POTS, please don't apologize. How are you doing managing yours?

  4. We are all allowed to indulge once in a while! It's great to hear that you took your daughter to the park, that one on one time is so special :)


  5. Wow, lots going on in this post. I can't actually say that I've ever drunken diet coke before in my life. I don't know that I've ever had any diet soda before! I rarely drink soda...
    I'm sure it's fine to indulge every so often, though!

    Lovely blog you have. Hope you enjoyed your memorial day!