08 May 2011

Five Minute Friday: Motherhood Should Come With...

Yes, I'm doing Five Minute Friday on Sunday, because I'm a rule breaker like that. Well behaved women rarely make history... right? What is Five Minute Friday you ask? It is a fabulous little exercise the brilliant Gypsy Mama started and basically she throws out a subject and we all go wild with it, but only for five minutes. We don't worry about editing, grammar, spelling, we let our hearts speak and embrace what they have to say.

Try it. It is incredibly liberating.


Motherhood should come with...

The knowledge your instinct is always right, the smarts to do what works for you and not care what anyone else thinks, endless energy, boundless patience, and a heart much bigger than your own to hold all of the love that overflows, every minute, every day...the kind of love that shows you what it really can be, in all of it's glory.

Motherhood should come with a stop watch, for they grow up entirely too too fast. True, I was scared beyond belief to bring home a five pound angel, but now I miss holding her when she was that little.

Motherhood should come with four years of college in Child Development classes, because even though I do have that, sometimes I feel utterly overwhelmed.

Motherhood should come with tea sets, fairy wands, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, but most importantly the skill to focus on all of those things and only those things, the ability to let the rest of the world fall away when you are playing with your child. Play is crucial to development. Play is how they learn about the world. Play is love. Play is life.

I have so much to look forward to, and yet much pulling me back in the now, where it is so imperative I remain grounded in the minutes that I'm currently in.

Here's to a magical week.

- t