05 May 2011


Today I was softly brought to alertness from a calm sleep by two tiny little hands rubbing mine; and I could imagine her mind wanting so strongly to form the whispers of "Wake up momma, I miss you." But she couldn't, so she willed her hands to carry out the next best thing.
Today I needed an excuse to eat massive amounts of ketchup, so I made myself a breakfast sandwich with a whole wheat sandwich thin bun, scrambled eggs, and a patty of pretend sausage. (aka morning star sausage) and yes, a ridiculous helping of ketchup.

Today I had crazy dance parties with Sookie, and we chased Jack around the house in bursts of playful spirits and lively giggles.

Today I did way too much laundry.

Today I didn't care about my ghostly pale legs (hey, I AM a natural redhead thankyouverymuch), and wore a skirt anyway.

Today I had a good hair day. Sometimes, just sometimes, my waves hit their best and I embrace them.

Today I went to lunch at a new place in town with Little Miss, R, and my parents. The food was less than amazing, but they had a little room of games and Sookie was enraptured by the lights and the noise. For a minute I let myself get caught up in the ridiculous notion of trading money for paper for cheap toys. But there is something fun about that exchange. So much more interesting than just buying the items outright.

Today I felt my heart become heavy with unexpected sadness. The world lost a wonderful, kind hearted man full of zest and a lively thirst for all of the adventures life offers us. He was a dear family friend who became so close to all of us, that he was family.

Today I forced this news to catapult me forward, beyond all the fears inhabiting my soul lately. I must stop throwing pity parties when I think about not being here to watch Sookie grow up. The reality is, NONE OF US know how long we will be here. Such a solid truth, yet difficult to grasp.

Today I put myself out of my comfort zone and went to a Utah Bloggers Meetup, even though I did not know anyone that was going to be there. I met some beautiful and amazingly strong women and I am so glad I ended up going!

Today I watched my girl take her wobbly steps and wanted to cry in the pure beauty of it all.

Today I ate a cupcake, popcorn, and frozen junior mints for dinner. Because life is too short.

What did you do today? :)


  1. Ahhh! Power of the redheads! We gotta stick together. :) So glad that I got to meet you yesterday! Now I'm going to stalk your blog for the rest of the day.

    Much Love,

  2. Loved this post! You are such a strong woman all your posts and your words inspire me :)

  3. Optimism just oozes happiness - your blog title is so appropriate, and even as a stranger to your blog I can see that. :) I'm going to go read some more now.

    Happy Mother's Day! Happy Comment Love Day!

  4. LOVE this post.. Very inspiring :) and oh so creative!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  5. Aw,I love that her little hands woke you up :) And I seriously love morning star wanna-be sausage patties! Sounds like a great Mother's Day! :)

    I'm visiting from FTLOB.
    Maegan :)

  6. So sweet!

    Today I ate popcorn and cheesecake for lunch---and washed it down with a Coke. Today I farted around online since it was raining too hard to garden. Today I called my Mom, who lectured me on the art of using grass clippings as garden mulch. So, in other words, it was like any other ordinary day ;)

    Hopping over from FTLOB

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day (except for your loss - that is so hard). Visiting from comment love.

  8. Well on Thursday I had work and then an invasion lol. We have 3 boys from church come round for tea on a Thursday - we all cooked fajitas - it was good fun although I was worried that one of the boys was going to chop his fingers off while cutting up the onion and pepper for the filling.

    I found you via Comment Love Day on For The Love of Blogs