19 May 2011

Apricot Lane

I have a new favorite store.

Apricot Lane in Provo, at Riverwoods.

Seriously, have you been there yet?!

 {photo credit: lovestitched}

A few weeks ago I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and attended a Utah Bloggers Meetup held here. I am a shy person if I don't know you and I didn't know anyone who would be attending, but I still went and I am oh so glad that I did!

Even though I had never heard of Apricot Lane before I fell instantly in love in what they offer and what they are about. They are a boutique and therefore your items are going to be unique; they only carry a few of each size in each style. I LOVE that in this day of wanting to truly express yourself with your clothing. They had a little bit of everything for everyone. The ladies of Apricot Lane were so sweet to us and spoiled us with yummy cupcakes!

Apricot Lane offers darling summer dresses, killer jeans, cute shoes, fabulous purses, funky jewelry and more!

Here are a few things I picked up!

Adore this yellow and gray dress and the music necklace. I definitely feel like I'm channeling Penny Lane while wearing this! :)

White ruffle tank and tiger fairy necklace.

Yes, I said tiger fairy necklace. How cool is that?! I fell in instant and overwhelming love!

How gorgeous is this bracelet that was tucked inside our gift bags?

I love how it is stunning alone...

Or stacked with other yummy arm candy

You can find Apricot Lane on:

Apricot Lane
4801 N. University Avenue
Provo, UT, 84604

Store hours:
Monday to Saturday: 10 am - 9 pm
Sunday: Closed

I will definitely be visiting this magnificent store a lot this summer! And you should too! Even if you aren't local, they have stores all across the country.

Hope your Thursday is filled with the most wonderful things.


  1. SO great to meet you there! I love putting a face to a name {in person that is}! hope to see you again soon! xoxo

  2. good for you on going to the bloggy meet-up, i get such nerves when attending things like that too. sometimes the pushing ourself works and i'm glad to hear it did in this case for you! very cute accessories and garments, no wonder you were all over it.

    oh my gosh Tahnie, i have to also say i was reading the story of your disease and Sookie's miraculous blessing. you give me hope girl, i've been told (for other reasons than yours ) that i won't be able to conceive naturally and was pretty down about it. the boyf and i decided to keep trying and have left it up to God. i've gone to an adoption 101 seminar too, just in case, it's another option we're considering.

    what your own momma did for you was the true definition of un-conditional love, she is divine.

    you are one brave, strong lady. full of beauty, in and out. Sookie is a little orb angel and must be so loved by you. many continued blessings and thanks very much for your visit and kind comment. triumphant spirit you are! ♥

  3. How fun that you found me from Kelle's blog! I love it when that happens. And WOW, I just read your daughter's story....incredible. What a little miracle! Isn't motherhood the freaking best?!? Haha, anywho so great to "meet" you :)

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