17 May 2011

Do Good. Give Good. BE Good.

Can I be brutally honest for a minute?

It doesn't feel nice to hear of another young adult's death from Cystinosis at 30; especially when you are a 27 year old woman who is absolutely and utterly in love with every single breath your 15 month old daughter takes. Okay it feels much less than nice, but I'm going to refrain from the expletives today.


Instead of throwing a pity party and freaking out about my own mortality with the news, I'm using it all to push me forward. And you know what? Amazing things are happening! As a part of my guest post over at The Shine Project, I am holding a fundraiser for the Cystinosis Research Network. Simply go to my site http://www.stelladot.com/sites/tahnie in the upper right hand corner click on 'Find your hostess' and enter Cystinosis Research Network. I will donate 50% of the profits directly to CRN! From now until Saturday night midnight Mountain Time.

Even better?

Three to die for items are all 20% off from now until Wednesday night! Use code GRAD at checkout.

Questions? Let me know!



  1. Hi! I'm stopping by from vboks. Love your blogging style - your daughter is adorable!