09 May 2011

What Motherhood Has Done For Me

I loved yesterday, we didn't have to do any spectacular or grand to make it special, but honestly it is the every day moments that hold so much weight in my heart; a fabulous bubble bath with my girl, a chick flick with my momma, the scent of fresh flowers, a pink Beatles coffee cup with the reminder All you need is love. I am lucky that Rory is so crazy supportive, and that I am endlessly inspired by Sookie to the point that every day feels like Mother's Day. The monumental thoughts keep coming at me every day and I realize again and again each morning the scope of what her life can be and everything that it will be. She is attracted to happiness and light much like her Daddy and that in and of itself is my reminder to let the mommy guilt evaporate in the air when it becomes too heavy for me to take.

Motherhood has not only expanded my world, but changed how I see everything. I am more aware of my own actions; when you have someone watching every move you make and when there is a little being so intricately connected to your own feelings, you are much more meticulous about how you let (or don't let) others' actions affect your attitude and your aura.

Motherhood is not a sacrifice, it is a privilege. Yes, it might be the hardest thing you will ever do, and our work is never ending but we are so unbelievably lucky to get to raise the little souls who were matched to ours in some way or another; biological or by fate.

To Sookie on my 2nd Mother's Day: You make every day brighter, make me want to build your childhood with magic, compassion, and tiny slivers of reality mixed in simply to keep you on your toes; because of you I can dream bigger and better...and I do.


  1. You summed up yours (and probably a lot of other mom's) Mother's Day perfectly. Glad you had a good one!
    Stopped over from FTLOB. Hope you are having a great start to the week!

  2. Hello there! I'm a new visitor to your blog. I love your story and all your sweet pictures. Your little girl is simply adorable :)