12 November 2013

Sugar, The White Poodle

Sugar, the white poodle, was my first pet. She came into my life before my sister. I always joked she was my little sister. (My parents were understandably unsure about having another child because of the fact Cystinosis is hereditary and my sibling had a 25% chance of being born with it just like me.)

She was a fun dog with a rebellious streak too. I remember dressing her up in my cabbage patch doll clothes, pushing her around in my toy strollers and putting her ears into a ponytail. She sighed and let me do all of this to her. Did I mention she was a patient dog?

In her later years she developed diabetes. Her name became a sad irony. I refused to put her to sleep. We gave her insulin shots twice a day for her last year here with us. Most people thought I was absolutely out of my mind for giving insulin shots to a dog. My explanation was always, "Well, my parents didn't give up on me when doctors told them they should." It made so much sense to me.

She was with me through the journey of welcoming a sibling into this world after seven years of being an only child. She greeted me every day when I returned home from the ups and downs of elementary school. She was by my side throughout kidney failure and the recovery from my transplant. She was such a sweet spirit and I'm incredibly grateful for the 14 years she was a part of my life.


  1. I love this! It's so true. I love my two dogs =)