26 November 2013

Be An Enthusiast In Life

Day 26 of Blogember: A Favorite Teacher In Your Life

When I think of my favorite teacher over the years, there are two that immediately come to mind. They both had a fiery passion for teaching. I'm a firm believer that is why they are two of my most memorable. They put their everything into their profession. They cared so much, it rubbed off onto me. They had a zest for their job that bubbled over into everything.

First, my second grade teacher. She lived close to my grandma and because of this, I was able to stay in touch with her over the years beyond the ones when I was in her class. She taught us Spanish; this was a new thing way back when. None of the other 2nd grade teachers were doing Spanish. She did her own thing and showcased how fun it was to be your own person. She was kind, gentle, and always encouraging. Her son was a hero of mine was well.

The other one that comes to mind was a college professor who taught U.S. History. His class was once a week, on Wednesdays for 3 hours. It was a lecture class. Groan was my immediate reaction to this. But it worked with my schedule and I needed the credits. The combination of a lecture class on history made me want to scream. That is, before I actually met the guy. He loved talking about history so much, he pulled you in and made you care too. It was a magical thing.