06 November 2013

5 favorite apps

Apps are a lot like blogs to me, in the essence that there are so many magnificent ones out there that it boggles my mind attempting a list of favorites. Oh wait...what? This is my own fault because I'm the one that picked this prompt for Day 5 of Blogember. Ah well. Here we go!

Photo credit of Sookie: Bluebird Pictures

Monster Meter
I adore this app for the usefulness it provides and for the whimsy that is apparent on every screen. If you are a parent or quite frankly have ever been around kids, chances are you've heard them make a remark about monsters. Monster meter provides four different scanning options to scan a room for monsters. The monster spray is so much fun to shake up (it sounds exactly like a can of spray paint when you shake your phone or iPad). Yes, I'm bias on this one because it is one of Rory's...however, the idea? Brilliant.

This is my go to photo editing app. I love that it boasts so many features. I'm much appreciative to House of Smiths for recommending it in one of her posts because that is how I first heard about it! A little caution though, it does have a learning curve and I'm quite proud of myself for sticking with it until I overcame that because I am impatient when it comes to an app that I just want to jump right in and know how to do everything.

Rhonna Designs
I'm head over heels in absolute love with this app! Rhonna is a person who is a sweetheart and has endless talent to boot! I play with this app when I need creative outlet time and I am always inspired by the quotes that come along with it. Rhonna put her heart and soul into every design and aspect.

Another photo editing app I go to often to play, create, and edit all of our memories; from the every day to the once in a lifetime. I love the crop feature, and the bokeh lights could not get any better. It is user friendly and light with a lot of options and features.

Tattoo You
A fun app to play with if you want to convince people you finally went and got that ink you've been talking about forever. Ha! The different settings allow you to customize the transparency to make sure your tattoo look real. We have so much fun with this one.
(This is another one of Rory's apps. ;)

I can't wait to see your favorites and discover some fun new ones!