11 November 2013

3 Albums I Would Take To A Deserted Island

Can you tell I grew up surrounded by music because I refer to them as albums? Ha! For over 20 years, my dad owned and ran a local music store in the town where I was born. It was a central part of our lives for so long, and continues to be to this day both because of the relationships he built with his customers and the music which picked to live there and in our hearts.

This prompt is so much harder than I realized it would be. Seems to be the theme of Blogember, right? ;) WHO came up with these crazy difficult prompts anyway? Oh yeah...that was all my own doing.

I'm using a photo from Almost Famous for this entry because not only is this movie Cameron Crowe's love letter to music, it happens to have a huge nostalgic place in my life. The first time I saw it was when I was in Toronto on my Make A Wish meeting Hanson. So we have this huge weekend in my life combined with this insanely remarkable, perfectly wondrous movie about what it is to love music. It is all so great to the point I can't stand it.

Anyhow. ;)

Ryan Adams: Gold
This was the first I ever heard of Ryan Adams. (Yes, yes, I know he was is Whiskeytown before he went solo. A fact I'm old enough now to appreciate. ;) The memories tied to this album are delicious ones, the zest for music he injected back into my soul with this collection of songs? Stunningly priceless.

Counting Crows: August and Everything After
The songs that held in hook, line, and sinker in their arms, thus confirming these guys as one of my forever favorite bands. The lyrics that made me forever want to live in Adam Duritz's heart. I always have a hard time picking between this and Recovering The Satellites however today August wins.

Hanson: This Time Around
Yes, my name is Tahnie and I would take a Hanson album to a deserted island with me. Hear me out. This band changed my appreciation for music, but it did so much more than that as well. People I have met because of this band, are some of my closest and dearest friends today...some 15 years after my initial teenage girl fandom craziness. This album brings back many happy memories with my sister, which immediately makes it excruciatingly beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time.


  1. Ahhh, YES, Gold is such a good choice!! I also had trouble choosing between August and Recovering the Satellites in my own choices, but like you, August happened to win.

  2. Something by Ryan Adams would be on my top 3, too - I'm just not sure which album. Love him.

    P.S. We used to be friends on Livejournal in the old days. I forget how I found your blog, but I'm glad to see you're doing well.