24 November 2013

20 Things

I'm in love with this photo because it captures the insanity of everything right now. Her glee over chocolate and raspberries reminds me to lean into the uncertainty of life.

Blogember Day 24 here we go!

20 things I'm grateful for?

1. A belated birthday lunch to celebrate my remarkable momma
2. B12 shots
3. A beautiful house we are making a home
4. This incredible Scentsy Fundraiser to Support Cystinosis Research
(30% will go toward CRN and assist us in funding research for better treatment!)
5. Sleep
6. Free Clinque Happy perfume with my Sephora points ;)
7. My kidney function is holding steady for the time being. Keeping a close eye on it. Prayers please?
8. Hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year!
9. Words. Gorgeous, colorful, truth filled words.
10. A rare date night with Rory in which we went on an adventure to T.J. Maxx and saw About Time where I cried for the last 20 minutes of the movie.
11. Putting our Christmas lights up outside and Sookie's fairy Christmas tree in her playroom
12. Momentum for my memoir.
13. Cystaran eyedrops that help break down the crystals in my eyes, thus helping me to keep my sight. 14. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
15. Parks & Recreation
16. My sweet nephew is turning ONE next week!
17. Last weekend Rory and I were able to runaway to Vegas to be there to watch his sister get married. I spent most of the time sleeping in the hotel, but it was a nice change to rest somewhere new. ;)
18. My stubborn heart
19. CT scan next week to check on the lymph nodes in my neck
20. Sookie's first ballet recital in a few weeks

How about you?
What are 20 things you are grateful for?