18 November 2013

A Million Happy Moments

The happiest moment of my life? Oh there are so many...so, so many. The moment I found out I was going to be a big sister. The moment I met her and our future as sisters was wide open with potential. The moment I knew my kidney would be coming from my mother and I wouldn't have to be added to the waiting list. The moment I was accepted to the University of Utah. The moment I heard Adam Duritz's voice in person for the first time ever. (I just so happened to be wearing a pink boa.) The moments in the beginning when Rory and I were first meeting and talking. (We met through match.com and chatted on the phone several times before we actually went out for coffee.) The moment of our first kiss. The moment he asked me to move in with him. The moment I threw my graduation cap into the air as I celebrated a milestone conquered. The moment I took something as foreign as a pregnancy test and the moment I saw the words "pregnant" appear on the screen. The moment we first heard her heartbeat. The moment I first felt her move inside of me, new life from a body that had been through so much and had to fight so hard to just breathe.

I keep going to the moments leaving the hospital as we took her home. It is all refreshingly vivid. THAT was the minute I let myself breathe, when we were on the freeway home. I was sitting in the back of the car with her and Rory was driving. It was then that I let go and knew she was going to be okay, I was going to be okay, and that the world needed us to have many adventures together before all was said and done.