04 November 2013


Today we are starting out this new week of the Blogember challenge by writing for 5 minutes on the prompt Freedom. If you've ever done Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo you can approach today's prompt in much the same way. Write for five minutes and don't change anything when the five minutes is up. Five Minute Friday inspired a few prompts because I love the rawness and realness that often accompanies five minutes of writing, no editing, no over thinking. The honesty has a gorgeous way of taking center focus in your words.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Freedom feels vivid, uninhibited. The complete space to live life to your own choosing and giving the rules the middle finger. My sweet incredible friend (who attended my Make A Wish trip with me all those years ago) reminded me that due to prior expectations for my life given by doctors, I was free the day I turned 11. I go back to her observation and reflect on it often. She is completely and utterly right. It took me awhile to live with this knowledge and now that I feel I can own it in a way I never could in my early 20s...things feel refreshingly different and limitless. Once you conquer two of your own impossibles (in my case, living to see my 11th birthday AND surviving an extremely rare and high risk pregnancy)...who knows what heights you can reach beyond that? It can feel frightening sometimes, the vast scope of what is left, what more is possible within my little story? I'm just a blip. However, I want to be a blip that makes a difference.

Freedom to me right now is the luxury of filling my mind with what I pick to fill it with. To pour words out whenever and wherever I can. To give my energy (even in her fairly limited supply these days) where I choose. To be generous with my love.

What does freedom mean to you?