13 November 2013

Lightness Has A Call That's Hard To Hear

Happy Wednesday and Blogember Day 13! Today's prompt is to write about an epiphany you had this summer. If you didn't have any massive realizations about life this summer, make one up. ;)

I went through a weird transition whirlwind during this summer. Those are the best words I can find to describe it. I had an incredibly difficult time being around other people, which led to the huge epiphany that I'm an introvert who loves people. I do better in small groups and one on one than in the midst of massive gatherings. (Yes, it took me 30 years of life on this awesome earth to learn and realize this about myself.) I adore people, but boy do they exhaust me sometimes. I think for a long time I've felt like it was my job to get people to see how beautiful their lives are. I felt like I had to shake everyone I saw when they where complaining about a hangnail. Gently tell them, a hangnail is not a tragedy.

I now understand the Indigo Girls 'Closer To Fine' better than I ever have. I taught Sookie the chorus this June, and it reminds me so vividly of this time where everything was so heavy and my heart was crawling, aching, desperate for answers ...I can't listen to it without crying. Which I embrace. I love it when a song digs that deep into me and latches on to my bones. Forever a part of my story.


  1. My husband finally realized he is the true definition of an introvert this summer too. Now I understand why he dreads holiday gatherings and parties (including family member's ) that are bigger then 5 people.