02 November 2013

Above All

Today, we are writing about our favorite inspirational quote as a part of Blogember. Day 2. I am one of those people who are a little too obsessed with quotes. Isn't it incredible how a few words can transform your mood and your day? Last week, after a particularly challenging day, both physically and emotionally, I took a breath and was kind to myself. I listened to Sookie splashing and playing in the tub (Flynn Rider was bathing with her apparently...ha!) and went pinterest quote crazy. It was the best mood booster I could have picked at that given moment. A simple ten minutes of reading inspirational quotes and my faith in the world was revived. My absolute favorite though is this one:

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.
- Nora Ephron

The most astonishing people I know have become their own heroes through various different means. I strive for that every single day and it is crucial for me to showcase that choice to Sookie as well. I want her to learn to be a pillar of strength because she watches her momma. Every morning when she wakes up, I remind her she is brave and strong. She is a little warrior and somehow makes me more gutsy than I ever dreamed I would be. 

While I'm on that subject, I should mention that we watched a mermaid eat fire last night and I held a 28 pound python with Sookie. Dear life, thank you for unabashedly reminding me how fabulously magical you are.

I can't wait to read all about your favorite inspiring quotes. Link up your entries below.


  1. I'm a quote obsessed person too!


    1. Love it! I just fixed the link up code! Go ahead and add yours. :)

      Thanks so much!

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    1. It is SO good, isn't it? ;)

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  3. Is there a linky today? I didnt see it! My post is here: http://www.runningwithollie.com/2013/11/if-you-run-you-are-runner-blogember.html#.UnUR7hBx67E

    1. Yes Lea! I apologize...for some reason the html wasn't working before but I fixed it now. Please add your link so people can find you! Thanks so much for your support!


  4. I love this quote and like you said, being a mother of girls now makes me want to always show them they can do anything they set their minds on! I'm loving joining you for Blogember!

  5. This is a powerful quote especially in regards to raising a daughter. We raised our daughter to be independent and not afraid to challenge herself. She's 18 now and has become a roll model for her younger cousins. This quote is the definition of "girl power"!

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