14 November 2013

10 On 10

This was one of my favorite prompts of the series so far! How about you? Blogember Day 14 and the idea is to share ten photos taken on ten past the hour. I love it when Elizabeth Kartchner does this concept on her blog, so I thought it would be a fun one as a part of the challenge! In a completely uncharacteristic turn of events I actually planned ahead and did this on Tuesday. Shocker, I know. This week has my head spinning with fun things to stay on top of but also being very aware of what areas I pick to put my energy into. I'm working on a health update soon, but right now still no answers. So...we are dealing. I'm honestly not doing too great day to day but there are so many wonderful projects happening and I refuse to simply let it all go.

At the end of the day it was a bright spot to be able to look back and remember the beauty in the moments amidst all the chaos.

My favorite magazine. I actually haven't had a chance to read this issue, but I like to look at the cover for a few split seconds and daydream about when I will be able to. Ha! ;)

Blurry morning teasing Jack.

Making a family journal.

Impromptu dance party!

One of my favorite prints from Ink'd

Getting a treat with Poppa.

I have a strange obsession with dish towels. I love how they can change up your kitchen for such a thrifty price. This hot air balloon one is one of my favorites.

Sookie decorated buddha ;)


Happy Thursday! 


  1. Sadly, I thought today was the 15th but on the bright side, my Saturday post is ready to go...after I changed TGIF to Happy Saturday! LOL Ugh I hate when I screw up my days... Maybe I can figure a way to squeeze this in yet!

  2. I actually did something called "Blogtember" back in September that gave us a blogging prompt every day.:) It was hard work! But it stretched me and was good for me. I was catching up on your last few posts and I LOVELOVELOVE the concept of "The grass is greener where you water it". I have battled/struggled jealousy and comparison for a long time, and I am trying so hard to break free from it all and be thankful for every part of my life. This is a beautiful phrase. I may have to print it and frame it on my wall.:)