03 November 2013

5 Favorite Blogs

There is beautiful snow falling outside and I'm grateful for my eye sight as I see the flakes all spinning gleefully outside. (The cornea crystals caused by Cystinosis can sometimes lead to blindness, so I make a significant effort to cherish my vision.) We are watching it from our bedroom window, cozy in flannel pajamas and I smile as Sookie says "Look at the whole world!" 

I am so inspired by others all around me. Today's prompt for Day 3 of the blog every day in November challenge is 5 of your favorite blogs. Now now, I know with the amount of insanely marvelous people on the internet, it is impossible to only pick 5 favorite blogs. Go ahead and do 5 of your favorites because that is eventually what I had to do! It is a tough one.

All of these blogs inspire me in one way or another. These ladies are all tough, unstoppable and ultimately make the world a better place.

Mayhem With The Moody's
Bryn is one of the sweetest girls you will ever, ever meet in life. She has this way with words that is beyond remarkable. Her honesty is so utterly beautiful and motivational.

Amy's blog is new and she is simply marvelous. Her insights on motherhood always get to me and she is hilarious. Her Shop has incredible stuff as well.

Loves of Life
Katie is the best. I adore her writing style and the fact that she makes a serious effort to enjoy the things in life that make her happy. She doesn't make excuses and I LOVE THAT.

Lil Blue Boo
Ashley is one of my heroes. Her cancer chronicles continue to give me that push when I'm experiencing particularly tough medical weeks or months. She is refreshingly real.

Little Miss Momma
Ashley has one of the kindest hearts in all of blog land. She has this way of viewing the world that reminds me to take a step back and cherish all the little details.

Can't wait to find some new blogs to read and make some new friends! Here is the link up for today: