14 February 2011

Love Is The Only Soldier

I feel like we've been celebrating Valentine's Day, and love, all year long. Ever since Miss S graced us with her landmark existence.

I like that.

I like that I can get excited for Valentine's Day, but I feel we've done a good job of loving no matter what day it is. That is a lesson I ache to instill in Sookie.

R took a three day weekend and it has been filled with such elation, I have had to stop and try to catch it all in an imaginary jar to keep tucked away for the rough days. Sounds of R's guitar wafting through the air as I hold Miss S close and get lost in the music, letting our bodies sway however they need. Alabama, Arkansas I do Love my Ma and Pa, not the way that I do love you sung in unison as we add a new song to our nightly concert repertoire, Sookie is laugh laugh laughing because she has figured out how to undo the velcro on her new cloth diapers and I keep telling her not to do it. A simple afternoon spent watching Miss S play in her room, along with R and my dad; her giggles so infectious, they infiltrate our moods and before we know it, all four of us are chuckling hysterically over nothing.

Today I was content with simple things. A lunch with my love while Miss S played happily at my parent's house. Those little mint chocolates they give you at Olive Garden. Blue skies. Loud music. Root beer. Soft reminders of how much we have grown as a couple during our 5th Valentine's together.

Snippets from one of my favorite love songs: Love Is The Only Soldier by Jann Arden

Love is a man in a coat in the rain
Love’s every little mistake that he’s made
Love is the moment he has to embrace
Love is the only mercy left

Hide me inside your heart let me wash away
Hold me beneath your body all night and day
I pray that the morning comes and with me you’ll stay
Oh hide me inside your heart let me wash away

Love is a song that I sang when I’m sad
Love’s what I give to the world when I’m glad
Love’s every friendship that I’ve ever had
Love is the only soldier left

Oh hide me inside your heart let me wash away

Happy Love Day to you. I hope it was so sweet it gave you a toothache.


  1. How fun. Home is one of my favorite songs. Glad you had a great Valentine's day.