14 February 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday

One stunning morning last week, we played in the snow. I pulled Miss S around in her sled. It was cold, our faces quickly turning pink with the reminder. I wanted to eat her while she was spilling over with cuteness; all bundled up in a shades of pink and skulls. I love the quiet stillness and innocence in this moment. A frame of time so quick, it went by with the snap of my fingers and we were back to moving with all of her bubbly toddler-esque energy. On to the next thing, the next step, the next huge milestone that reminds me she is ever changing and I'm responsible for showing her the example of how to live.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. That is such a pretty picture. I can see the stillness & innocence as well.

  2. How cute! I love the quilt! Looks warm.

  3. Truly precious image! They do grow up way too quickly.

  4. what a wonderful picture. you have such a precious girl. I'm jealous of your snow!

  5. Precious!!! Great Photo!
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