10 February 2011

Five Minute Friday (And Then Some)

This week has been winding down from the birthday festivities of last week. And at the same time keeping that buzz of excitement for what is happening now and for what is to come.

I've left the various pink and purple candy decorations up everywhere and Sookie is basking in the novelty of them; especially the rock candy chandelier. I've also been snacking on candy far too often. I might have even indulged in blueberry flavored rock candy and blue raspberry sour patches the same night. Shh. Don't tell my dentist.

I've had a little self pity, feeling like a less than perfect momma when my energy is less than zero and my hips are stinging in pain. I lay down on the floor in Sookie's room to watch her play and instead of celebrating everything than I CAN do for her, I list all the things I can't give her. Then, I read a story like THIS where a man has lost his wife and their newborn daughter. I scold myself for taking a day for granted, even if it is one that consists of being stuck at home. Because yes I have some concerns to worry about, but I've already been given 365 days with this sassy little spitfire and that is priceless.

While brainstorming ideas for a new blog name, I was reminded of the above shirt that J. Crew offered awhile back. Voir la joie, see the joy, in french. Doesn't everything sound better in French? I instantly fell in love with the shirt even though I never purchased it. I carve that reminder into my bones, see the joy, see the joy, even if it is a hard day health wise, see the joy.

It has been a week of big things, embarking on our girl's second year here on this glittery earth, welcoming new life into this achingly crazy, albeit beautiful world. But it has been small things as well, and I remind myself that they are just as important to remember; the sounds of my daughter and my father experiencing giddy giggles while playing in her room, emails that make me smile, a stunningly perfect song I almost forgot about, a morning of pulling Sookie around on her sled in the front yard, the air fresh and crisp with new fallen snow, the sun blanketing hope over the day, with the promise of everything

...and then some.