27 February 2011

Celebrate Gratitude

When I sit down and ponder all the little things that kept me going throughout the week, I instantly feel a light in my heart and a spring in my step.

The key is convincing myself I have the 10 or so minutes to spare.

When I'm sleep deprived, my fuse is very short. I don't like it. I want Sookie to be able to see the good in everything and it feels like such a hard lesson to teach her and model for her. But I'm trying and will continue to do so. Although, I think we are doing something right because at her party she was so genuinely excited for each present. There is nothing like the pride that comes from seeing your daughter truly cherish every gift she is given. It is quite the challenge to always be the person I want her to see me being. I can't always be the best version of myself, but I ache to show her that is a goal she should try to aim for, day in and day out.

This week I am head over heels thankful for: Chipotle, Sookie saying turtle in the bathtub, being there when R woke up from his oral surgery, reminders that even though I am completely overwhelmed, trying to take care of R and be there for him when he is in pain, plus stay on top of my daily momma duties, I’m capable, even if it was just a trip to Target with Miss S, inspiring quotes, hippo pajamas, more winking from Sookie, a dinner that consisted of sushi (for me) and McDonalds (for R) to showcase how truly different we are, glitter pumps even if they were too little for me, turtle bath toys, zebra skirts (even though I swore I would never dress my daughter in animal prints), and shorter and consequently curlier hair as a result of a much needed cut.

I wish the hippo pajamas came in my size.

We were finally able to capture the winking on video. I keep asking her to slide down because she was standing in her high chair and then sliding down, but when I asked her to repeat it, she would wink. Whatever works, right? Also, if you've ever encountered those freakish toys that are sing-a-ma-jigs, you will surely recognize her spot on impression. This child is so shy and utterly unhappy. Ha.

Hope you were able to celebrate the little things that filled up your week/end.