23 February 2011

Project 365: Week 6

I'm still playing catch up with Project 365. I try to take photos of other things besides Miss S, but let's face it; she's a huge part of my life! And she's so cute I can't stand it.

{2.6.11} Ready for the Superbowl in her green and yellow.

{2.7.11} Her favorite time of day.

{2.8.11} Fun in the snow.

{2.10.11} 12 month check up
R is such a supportive Daddy, he has been to every single one of her appointments.
He was at every one of my appointments during the pregnancy.
I'm a very lucky lady!

{2.11.11} Miss S's dinner; black beans, corn and pasta

{2.12.11} Shirt I made for Miss S as a part of her Valentine's gifts.
Super easy, but should I do a tutorial?

It has been a stressful and highly emotional day. I learned I'm much better at being a patient than being on the other side. I worry too much.

Hope you are having a really good week.