16 February 2011

Wednesday Wishes

I'm linking up to Wednesday Wishes for the first time ever today. I just adore the concept.

For as many people as possible to share THIS LINK and to find a fellow Cystinosis woman a match for a kidney. She is incredibly sick and needs a donor right now. This is a horrific situation no one should have to go through. I was extremely blessed in the fact my mother was able to donate her kidney to me.

To always remember this:

A nap

Jann Arden's CD 'Free'
I have big love for this woman.
I'm obsessed with the songs, 'Daughter Down' and 'The Devil Won. Yeah You'



For this to hurry up and get here.

A fajita chicken burrito from Chipotle

What are you wishing for this Wednesday?


  1. I like your Wednesday Wishes and your blog! Very CUTE. I'm here from Bright Wishes. I'm about to be your newest follower! xx Natalie

  2. These are really great wishes! I love them all and I hope you get that headband soon :)

  3. I like your blog and your wishes!! I love the happy quote, how true is that?? And Chipotle would be amazing right now. Have a great day!

  4. I'm already a follower. I liked this post & the whole concept, as well, so I thought I'd join in and do it, too.

  5. Oh! Such an inspiring blog! It is delightful!
    What a lovely story about your daughter...and love this idea of Wishes on Wed!
    Will be following along!

  6. Your link doesnt work…. I want to help but cant get there….

  7. Sarah, thank you for making me aware of this! The link is working for me. I'm wondering if you have to be friends with her on facebook.

    Here is her message:

    Our family is in dire need of a miracle, anyone who would be willing to be tested for a possible kidney donation for our daughter Sarah who is 28 yrs old. She received a cadaveric kidney in 1996 and it lasted 9 yrs. She's been on dialysis for nearly 6 debilitating years, with many complications and her health is continuing to decline the longer she is on dialysis. We're praying for a miracle match. I gave one of my kidney's to Sarah's younger sister Katie in 1999 and if the Drs. would let me, I would donate my other kidney to Sarah and put myself on dialsysis. However, that's not an option and we have no other blood match. One possible match was Sarah's biological father, with whom she has had virtually no contact with for 20 yrs, but he wouldn't fully commit and sadly his desire to donate to his daughter went away. Anyone who would be willing to be tested with simple blood tests, please contact me via email. Janelemar@msn.com

    Thank you~