17 February 2011

Happy Facets

We have a few circumstances to stress about these days. But I'm treading water and leaning on people I know I can count on.

And holding close to my heart those facets of life that are oh so happy.


Making a Valentine for Daddy.

Hugging/trying to talk on the iPhone.

Last night we met up with some of my very favorite people on earth, Derek, Anzana, and Kenyon, for some yummy Thai food. We were going to head to Chipotle to fulfill my Wednesday Wish (ha) but decided it was rainy and a little windy and we didn't want to drive that far. (The nearest Chipotle to us is about 25 minutes away. Tragic, I know.) So, Thai it was! Well, we were there for about 2 minutes when the power went out. My first reaction was to panic and leave. However, it ended up being one of the best dinners ever. We ate by candlelight, joked, laughed and laughed, and Sookie was such a ham for everyone. It was such a huge reminder to me that you have to go with the flow because sometimes the unexpected is much more entertaining and beautiful than the original plan.

The drive home was incredibly scary; the traffic lights were out, the wind was so horrible we could barely see in front of us with the blizzard. I felt so overwhelmingly grateful that we made it home safe and our power was on. The little things are so critical sometimes.

Today was a massive wake up call  I desperately need to find a doctor who knows what they are talking about and will figure out the cause of my hip pain. I broke down and called Rory to come home during the middle of the day because I was struggling, Tylenol and Advil didn't touch the pain and Sookie wouldn't nap. It is not easy for me to ask for help but I'm learning.

Fast forward a nap, a bath with my girl and I remembered the novel idea that I'm capable. I'm capable. Some days I simply need a dash of backup. Oh, and Sookie reminded me not to take anything too seriously when I thought we were having precious momma and baby bonding time in the tub... then she farted on me.

This is one of her newest tricks. She will usually do it with a pillow or a blanket, but sometimes she will just randomly lay down in the midst of playing. It is the cutest. My brain can't wrap around all the tricks she is coming up with lately. And how quickly! It is truly a marvel. I can just see the wheels turning and turning in her sweet little head these days.

She winks! It is basically the greatest thing I've ever witnessed in my life.


Happy Thursday!


  1. Precious photos!

    Good luck finding some answers for your hip pain. It's horrible dealing with somehting and not knowing what is going on.

    I have an award for you aver at my blog http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com. Stop by later today to collect it - finishing up the post!


  2. that dinner was one of the best moments we've had with you guys. i'm sad we didn't get to continue hanging out (we have your leftovers in our fridge) but i'm glad we're all home safe.

    sookie is so adorable. i want to hang out this weekend if you guys can!!
    seriously - please let me know if you ever need an extra helping hand. if i could just come play with sookie while you take a nap or have some "mama alone" time - i'd love it!!

    you're incredible tahnie. such an inspiration and a good example of what kind of mom i hope to be.

  3. Um do you think Sookie would mind if I borrowed those rainbow legwarmers and that lacy double headband she's wearing as she makes her daddy a Valentine? It's kind of sad to covet the wardrobe of a toddler, but I totally do.

    Man she is getting so big and even more adorable.