21 February 2011


The tiny moments take up so much space in my heart lately and I remind myself to remember every detail with every sense I have, so that it will be easier to recall later.

I obsess over details; I think this is perhaps one of my best and worst qualities, simultaneously. I can remember specifics of certain events that happened years and years ago.

For example? I remember the exact nightgown I was wearing the day I went home from the hospital after my transplant. I remember the words Rory wrote to me in his very first Christmas card to me. They were so bold and robust in only knowing me for a few months, and he was unapologetic about them; not shy at all in letting me know how he felt. I remember what I ate for dinner the night we found out we were going to be parents and the whole world shifted into a much brighter beam.

This weekend? This weekend I treasure a soft night in Sookie's bedroom; Rory playing 'Landslide' while I wore my favorite little black dress (in preparation of deciding what to pack for an upcoming trip) and danced with Sookie in her fairy pajamas. I recall noticing that there are stripes on the little bow attached to my favorite bra; a tiny aspect that I've missed in the past. Maybe that is over sharing, but oh well.

A shopping trip in which Sookie spotted a complete stranger who had an eerie resemblance to my grandma who is no longer with us. To further give me goosebumps and make my heart ache? She proceeded to literally jump out of my arms towards this woman and she let this woman hold her for a good fifteen minutes. Keep in mind, this is a girl who always wants her Momma. The woman told me Miss S studies people as though she is reading their auras. Who knew such a spiritual, awakening experience was in store for me at Kohl's?

I also remember the specifics of what I considered to be a kick ass Friday night; a delicious Diet Coke from McDonalds (I do not eat their food, but their Diet Coke? For some reason it is pure perfection.), belated Valentine's chocolates I bought as a tiny treat for myself, and 'Days of our Lives'. (Don't ask me why I still watch it.) Saturday night was a few stolen grown up moments to ourselves as we ate dinner in the car while Miss S caught a cat nap in the backseat, the rain quickly morphing to a fierce snow as we talked about the big stuff, the little things (how good Chik-fil-a's honey mustard bbq sauce is on their fries) and remembered everywhere we have been.

Happy Monday!


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  2. I love this quote--one of my favorites!
    btw: I am your 160th follower!!! yay!
    and have i told you lately that i am in love with the colors of you blog? they rock!

  3. First I agree with Ashley, the colors rock! And I'm a sucker for Chevron!
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  5. love this. i'm very guilty of being so busy and caught up that I miss the little moments. with a baby, the little moments are the defining moments, to me. i don't want to miss his laughs or smiles because those are treasures to my heart. thanks for sharing.

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