25 February 2011

Five Minute Friday

It is Friday again. Where did this week go? I'm linking up to The Gypsy Mama and participating in Five Minute Friday. Sometimes I need the challenge of writing for 5 minutes and seeing what comes out; no over analyzing what I say, no paranoia about who I might offend or who might be reading, no editing, no revising. The result? Incredibly liberating. I end up expressing areas of my life I don't often venture into on the blog. It is a freeing experience.You should try it and link up as well; it truly is a great exercise for those of us who have an infatuation with words.

I do have to admit, when I first read the subject for this week; my heart stopped.



Five years ago I was a career obsessed lady girl. I had not yet met Rory or realized how blindingly beautiful love could be.

Five years ago I thought I still had forever with my little sister, I had no idea I only had a month left with her.

Five years ago I thought I knew what tragedy was. I thought I knew what mattered. I thought I knew what stress was and who was important.

Five years ago I was a 22 years old and thought I knew a lot, but it turns out there was so much I needed to learn.

Five years ago I thought stress was trying to keep up with full time college classes, being a nanny, and fulfilling family and friends social time.

Five years ago I was a nanny to a sweet precious girl who had been battling leukemia. Five years ago I thought I would spend my days taking care of sick children and teaching them how to cope with horrific hospital emotions, tests, and procedures. If you would have told me five years ago, that I would be a mother, I would have told you that you were completely insane. Five years ago I didn’t know Sookie and that seems so sad and wrong to me.



That is all I have.

Here's hoping I can get some rest tonight. It has been a draining week. Last night I was up every hour between making sure R was comfortable and the fact Little Miss S is getting three new teeth. Poor baby doll.

I'm off to dreamland.


  1. What an amazing post - thank you for sharing

    Pleased to meet you!


  2. Wow. You have been through a lot in five years. So sorry to hear of the loss of your sister. I lost a brother many years ago when I was young, and while you do heal, you never forget. God bless you.

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  5. Great post - very honest :) Found you through the Gypsy Mama, nice to meet you!

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  9. Thank you so much for sharing, it's crazy how much we change in just 5 years

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  11. Hello from Boost my Blog. I liked the first post a lot. I am so sorry you lost your sister. I lost my daughter when she was 16. I look forward to following you and seeing more of your wonderful little girl. I know have a son who is 3.

  12. It's amazing what can happen in five years and how God grows and changes us. I understand the pain of losing someone so close. I've buried two children. Heaven is so much sweeter, isn't it?

  13. Your story is so touching ... A broken heart can be put back together by God - He makes a new creation. I am sure that your last five years have molded you into a new person. I am sure that your blog has touched many lives and gs,
    given them hope. Keep pressing on!

  14. I'm here via The Gypsy Mama's 5 minute Friday. Love your site and enjoyed reading your post. I hope the teething baby allowed you some rest. :)

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  18. I love the prompt, the 5 minute idea, your liberation and your results! Well done, Mama! Well done, indeed!

  19. Beautiful post!! It's amazing all the things that can happen in 5 years.


    PS -- Can't wait to see your chandelier!!

  20. Tahnie, this post is beautiful.

  21. WOW I learned so much I didn't know about you in that 5 minute post.. thank you for sharing.. you are such a strong person.. & I so admire that about you xo