19 January 2011

What We Wore Wednesday (brought to you by Target and Old Navy)

Okay, this post isn't really brought to you by Target and Old Navy, but doing these wiww posts makes me realize I could just upload photos and say, "Uh, bought most of this stuff from Target and Old Navy."

I know there have been a lot too many photos of me around here lately and trust me, that is not because I adore taking pictures of myself. I'm definitely not comfortable with it, but it is an ever constant exercise in self acceptance and gaining back confidence nearly a year after giving birth. So, I just wanted to say thank you for going on this journey with me.

Additionally, I wanted to say I usually don't do lower half shots because I always wear dark jeans. That is definitely something I need to change up and have more fun with. I wear cute shoes though, I have a weakness for shoes. I should take photos of them next time.

Purple striped shirt - Old Navy
Yellow ruffle cardigan - J. Crew
Tiffany Blue POM POM Headband - Little Miss Momma

Black striped shirt - Target
(Why yes, I am indeed having a love affair with stripes lately!)
Liv Multi Charm Necklace - Stella & Dot

Okay girls, I'm keeping it real here. I wore this as pajamas and I laughed at myself for how hopelessly random it all is.
White long sleeved tee - Target
Hanson shirt - Purchased on tour last September
Oh so fabulous gray zebra striped leggings - Target (clearance)
Monkey Muk Luk socks - Paul Frank at Target

Ruffle plaid shirt - Target
Jeans - T.J. Maxx
Boots - Go Jane (my latest obsession, some of their stuff is super trendy but they have cute stuff too, I promise!)
Earrings - Fringe Hoop Earrings Large Silver Stella & Dot

On Sookie:
Hat - Gap
Shirt - "Spending time with you is the greatest thing to do." Target
Pants - Target

Shirt - T.J.Maxx
Sweater - Nordstrom Rack

On Sookie:

Hat - Gap
Shirt - Target
Pants - Target

Okay we are obsessed with the kitty hat around here. Well, alright momma is. But it is just too stinking cute!

Hat - Gap
Black Shirt - Target
Pants - Gift from Derek and Anzana
Jewelry - Stella & Dot Little Girls Line


  1. The kitty hat IS too stinking cute, but oh my goodness so are you! You are adorable! Love your Target and Old Navy finds.

  2. Love your outfits and Sookie is adorable :) Have a great week!!!

  3. I tried on that plait shirt from Target the other day! Didn't look as cute on me as it does on you though! I'm with you on my love from stipes ... definitely. ANd your little girl is SO CUTE! Stopped by from the Pleated Poppy!

  4. Very cute. I have the same style plaid shirt from target. Mine is red and blue.

  5. I must say that after I seen the Hanson shirt, I fell in love with you! haha. Seriously, my favorite brothers, ever!!!!

    You guys are simply adorable!

  6. Your little girl is so CUTE. The kitty hat really is adorable.

    Came over from Pleated Poppy

  7. Love the Paul Frank socks. It's super cute that you included your daughter.

  8. So so so so cute! I love target, old navy and stella & dot! Sweet headband btw {hehe}!

  9. I am so jealous of that ruffle target shirt! I've never seen that one and I LOVE it! And that Nordstrom Rack sweater is just too much! I never find anything good there, but that is awesome :)