19 January 2011

Happy And Good

I made up a silly song to sing to Sookie (wow, that is a tongue twister!) when she is upset. It goes something like this:

everything is happy and good!
happy and good!
happy and good!
...in this house

There are also other verses that replace "house" with "in my life" and "in this world".

Yes, I am quite the poetic songstress. I am well aware. I'll accept my Grammy now thank you.

Speaking of Grammy's... American Idol tonight reminded me how much I adore Steven Tyler. I have loved him forever and a day. I met him when I was 17. It was during an incredibly scary time health wise. I won't start with an intricate list of depressing details, but I had a PICC line in my arm at the time. He was exceedingly sweet to me. So sweet in fact, we have a joke in my family now that the reason he was outrageously kind is because he is my "real" dad. Of course, this has absolutely no merit, but I think it is funny. My dad does too. I have to say, my dad is the most wonderful man ever and I have a stellar relationship with him.

Sookie weighs about 18 pounds. This is giant to me. I realize this is still little for her age, but wow she seems so big. I love it. Considering she was 5 pounds when we brought her home. And to think back to the day when she was the size of a sesame seed in my body. The human body is such a marvel.

She said Target today. Twice. I kid you not. Perhaps I take her there too often?

She also picked up Daddy's green guitar pick and pretended to comb her hair with it. I giggled like a little girl in pig tails with a rainbow swirled sucker.

Today was an in your face reminder how achingly sweet life is. I hold onto days like today. The sun actually came out to remind us of all the beauty that is present every single minute. There were kisses from Sookie I have dreamed of my whole life; they were a million times more blissful smashed right up against reality. There was laughter from her soft little mouth that was so perfect, it took me right back to the day she was born and that impeccable feeling of every capillary in body bursting with the deepest peace I have ever known.

I'm looking up and ahead, up towards everything this flourishing year holds, ahead to Sookie's first birthday, Valentine's Day, Sookie's first trip to New York. But I'm also firmly planting my feet in the now, in things such as the preparation for her party, the simple act of having a quiet afternoon of play time with her; so as not to miss any of the pieces of brilliance suspended in the moment.


  1. so much to love about your blog - the title (the tagline makes it all the more perfect of a name!)

    your name, your writing.

    it's a blog full of goodness.

    Here via the Jan. Bloggy Hop ~ nice to "meet" you.

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  4. I'm liking American Idol a lot more than I thought I would. I haven't watched in a season or two, but Steven Tyler made me laugh. Can't believe you got to meet him. :) Your little girl is just adorable! Thanks so much for linking up to my party. I hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon! :)

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