08 January 2011

Friday, Friday (I wanna be the one who walks you home)

I found an old notebook the other day I used for a makeshift planner. It was from 5 years ago when my life consisted of taking care of other people's kids, studying, school, lots of time spent in my car, and piles upon hours of homework. For a split second I wondered aloud how I ever did all that without collapsing from exhaustion on a daily basis, and then it hit me...oh yes. I didn't have another human being relying on me for every single daily(and bigger) need.

By no means am I complaining, I am so content with where I am in my life right now, it borders unreasonably happy.

It is interesting to think back on that time and how I had a completely different vision for my life. The world is funny like that.

I'm grateful for this week, the ebb and flow of it, the absurdly quick pace it held, the continual lesson it is not all about me and up against bad days, I am thriving. Even if yesterday was a not so good day, today was much better. Love how that works. ;) How is it Friday again already? This week was Chipotle, sweet cousins who I'm lucky enough to call dear friends, pink ruffle hats, bursts of creativity while taking photos for the invites for Sookie's 1st birthday party, a precious visit with my great aunt on her birthday, tickle wars with my girl, letting her laughter fill every crevice in my heart with unbelievable admiration, finding a lone teacup in my closet while getting ready for bed, Sookie's new found love of her ball pit in her tree tent Santa brought her, snapping photos of my baby doll with the love of my life all cuddled into each other, Valentine Peeps, the Target dollar section, and a super easy little craft project I started.

 The inspiration for her birthday party.

 The lone teacup.

Yes, that is a dog toy. She likes Jack's toys better than her own.
 The super easy craft I started. Making flower rosettes for my cute vases. I'm craft challenged!

And to round it all off with his intricate emotional songs, a little Ryan Adams as I write this and look forward to an amazing weekend. Tonight was date night with my soul mate; a few baby free hours, T.J. Maxx and coconut curry tofu. Perfection. Tomorrow is my grandpa's 75th birthday. I'm thinking a little sledding for S in the back field of my parent's and a new salad recipe with three cheese tortellini to try. Sunday is the debut of the Spring/Summer 2011 Stella & Dot collection. I cannot wait to see all the gorgeous new pieces. Not only will they be available for me to order, but you my friend will be able to order as well. I have only seen a few of the new things, however I'm coveting this necklace.

And if you can't wait until Sunday? There is the extra 20% items already on sale HERE. Go on, pick yourself up something pretty. You deserve it.

What fun filled adventures are awaiting you this weekend?


  1. Just came across your blog from FTLOB and love it, your writing is great and love style in your pictures. Glad to have stopped here, your daughter is gorgeous!!

  2. Oh my gosh! Your little girl is adorable! Look at those two little teeth! Two of my youngest cousins look just about her age and I know how amazing they are at this time. Always curious, trying to get some words out. I love it! Also, it's wonderful that you can find so many things to be grateful for. It's a good practice!

    Also, thnak you for finding me on my blog!

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  3. Hey girl- I'm here from FTLOB. I am intrigued with your story and your subsequent optimism, outlook, positive demeanor. I can feel it...even through a computer. I hav 4 little dudes and sometimes I let everything start to weigh down on me. But I loved what you said in your "about me". You must be a truly amazing woman!!

  4. I love tickle wars. My 2nd and 3rd son just realized that my feet are SO ticklish! And my 4th and 5th are too small to take advantage of that knowledge yet. However, I know one day, they're going to gang up on me! LOL We had nerf gun wars today. That was fun!

    You have a lovely blog and an adorable little girl! I so miss those days when college was a few years behind me and my son was the only. It was such a sweet time! Sweet with boys eventually turns to sweaty! LOL

  5. Don't you just love Target? I have a love/hate relationship with the store. I love that it has a million things I want , but hate that I spend at least $100 each time I go...I love your rosettes too. XOXO

  6. Aww. Cute photos.