07 January 2011

January 2011 Goals

I love the company quotable cards. They have the best quotes. When I am in need of inspiration and a fresh approach to certain life ailments, I head over to their site and browse. (No, they didn't ask me to say any of this.) I think it might be fun for my goals of the month to find a quote and really truly live it out for that month. Of course encourage myself to think about the wisdom throughout the rest of the year as well.

My December goals were too much for me to handle apparently. And I'm okay with that. One of my January goals is to stop being so hard on myself. Starting this month I'm taking a new direction so I don't get overwhelmed..

So, the quote above; it is something I really need to work on. The fact I dwell on the past is one of my least favorite things about myself. I recognize that I second guess decisions that I cannot do anything about now that they have been made. The frustrating thing is I do this with big life changing decisions, but also minuscule things too that really are silly. For example, the first several months (yes, months) after Sookie's birth, I played out the hours of labor and delivery over and over and over in my head and nitpicked at everything I would have changed; things I wish I would not have done, things I wish I would have. Truth be told, I think labor has the potential of being incredibly traumatic to a woman, even when mama and baby both survive the beautiful, frightening, humbling and empowering transformation of it all. (I have a lot more to say on that whole subject...perhaps in a later blog post.) I go from that extreme to, should I have mopped the floors during Sookie's nap instead of doing laundry?

Needless to say the quote above really grabbed me and drew me in. I crave the fresh outlook of a new year, but I want to feel that energy, that motivation, that clean slate... every single day. Perhaps I'm completely delusional, but I think it is possible.

Let's take a look at today. Today was not good, it did not start out well either. A screaming Sookie and vicious stomach cramps composed my morning. My GI system is a disaster because of a horrible medication with ridiculous side effects. I made the mistake of eating two meals yesterday and paid the price. Add in mishaps with me accidentally pinching her finger in the high chair tray, miscommunication with my student loans, all consuming frustrations with my health and it didn't take long for me to stop fighting the tears. I vented. I was annoyed. I was mad for a little while.


I picked myself up. Pulled up my bootstraps (as my Grandma K would always gently remind me to do). I dressed Sookie in her best rocker girl outfit and we had a tea party.

Because sometimes you have to just ignore your worst fears and sing Aerosmith songs while drinking pretend tea.

My magnificent friend Clare was the inspiration for these goals of the month posts.

This is also going to be running through my head and heart oh so vibrantly this month.

image from

What are your resolutions or goals for January?


  1. Honored and touched. I'd love to come to one of your tea parties soon.

  2. I love the quote! We should all try to live by it. Wish I could've shared in the tea party. I bet it was fun. :)

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