15 January 2011

Friday, Friday (The Hard Times Pass Like The Good Ones Do)

Way back when I had a personal website, was 15 and wrote horrible poetry, I always used lyrics for the titles of my journal entries. Maybe this is my attempt to feel young again. Maybe I will indulge in this teenage cliche every Friday when I remind myself of the little nuggets of thrill that composed my week.

We had a strange yet perfect mix of Brak, Sugarland, and Kings of Leon as the soundtrack to our morning.

Today was a treacherous day emotionally. There was too much negativity swimming around my veins. The littlest things left me on edge and snippy. The biggest fears overwhelmed the tremendous hope I have in the now and the joy I see radiate from little Miss S. I don't like it when I have these days, but I also wonder if I would be human if I didn't have them once in awhile.

I don't want to dwell on any of this though. Things that made me smile this week or that I simply enjoyed?
Newman's Own Italian Dressing, Winter boots, Valentine hand towels, my new green rose pillow, guilty pleasure indulgences such as Days of Our Lives and Valentine Peeps, Sock Monkeys, Stila's Lip Glaze, and new towels that are so soft you want to stay wrapped up in them all day.

Oh, and the Target dollar bin. I can be grateful for that two weeks in a row, right?

My head is swirling with ideas for Sookie's party. I have a million things I want to do. Endless ideas for projects and things to make; both decor wise and edible. I find myself wishing we could go all out, but then I pull myself back in and am reminded of the bigger picture here and the idea is not to get frustrated about a silly party, the notion to be cherished is this and this alone: She is here. She is healthy. This is bigger than anything else.

One of her favorite things is to open and close the door while playing peek-a-boo with me. Today was no exception to this new found wonder.

(Hang on Mom, I need to suck my fingers for a minute)

(Okay, I'm ready!)

I was packing up the car and apparently she got bored waiting for me and decided to study her shoe.

Did any of you play peek-a-boo with a cute kitty today?

Onward and upward. I'll take what made me worry today and learn from it. Tomorrow is a new day. I have two angels (okay three if you count Jack) fast asleep in bed. I must go cuddle with them in order to start this weekend off to a stellar start and live it out to it's full potential.


  1. Tahnie - First she is in the cutest outfit I've ever seen. Each picture makes me smile even more. I love your list of things that made you smile. Try to do that every day and believe me it'll help hide away all of the negativity. Also , I love the Target $1 bins! :)


  2. She is adorable and I love that outfit!
    I always used lyrics for my teenage online journal as well. I thought it made me soulful or something.
    Everyone has those negative days no matter what their situation. But if you learn from it? Even better.

  3. Tahnie, I hopped over here from your post in Jennifer McKinney's community site because I wanted to see what you were doing for Kelle. I had never heard f Kelle until today when several blogs have mentioned her.

    Your daughter is adorable and I love the outfit you have her in. Precious.

    I had a blog on xanga for a couple of years and I titled each post using Beatle's song titles. I've long let that bloggo, and just started a new one on blogspot. You've reminded me that about song titles and I just may go back to doing that :) Thank you.

  4. SO adorable. My youngest is six years old now and I miss those little moments that have passed. I wish I would have captured more pictures of those moments but my camera never seems to be at arms reach when I need it. I am your newest follower:)

  5. new follower here. OMG, those are the cutest pics ever! She is adorable. I love the kitty hat