18 January 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday (1.18.11)

I wrote down the right date this week! Ha, I'm on a roll. Perhaps tomorrow I will finally conquer my growing mountain of laundry. :)

I'm linking up to Sweet Shot Tuesday again this week, although obviously I am not a photographer. I am learning a lot though just by playing around with my favorite subject. I can't help but take several photos of her daily. She is changing every minute it seems. My mother heart aches to capture every moment, and then some.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Your daughter is just beautiful. I know you are having lots of fun with her each and every day : ) Being a mommy is the greatest adventure of them all, isn't it?

  2. Oh she is adorable! Keep capturing those everyday moments because they grow so fast.

  3. If that isn't a sweet shot, I don't know what is! She's precious! I found you on the SITS blog frog site. ;)

  4. What a beautiful girl! I'm a new subscriber coming to you via SITS Blogfrog ;-)