17 January 2011


I took a bunch of photos today for Ashley's self-portrait link party. These are the only two I liked enough to post. But the fact that I'm okay with two is a good step, right?

This is ME. A stressed out Momma who is worried about her own health, wondering constantly if she is doing enough for her funny girl, always second guessing her parenting choices (even after four years of child development classes), smiling, finding the sugar filled minutes, catching the magic in motherhood even through the leaky diapers, sleepless nights, and S's new found fascination with the toilet.

Yes, this is me. Attempting to make the most of what I do know, cherishing kisses and hugs from our girl, and being silly every now and then. Mommyhood is not for the faint of heart, but oh how sweet it is. How very sweet.


  1. you look great! and we ALL go through those moments, i may go thru too many sugar-filled ones, but hey whatever gets us through! ;)


  2. These are FABULOUS pictures girl and you look amazing! You really are sooo beautiful! btw: I totally have those EXACT same stresses as a Momma--I am convinced this means we are doing a good job :)