05 January 2011

Sookie's 1st Christmas

I feel like we spent so much time running around, getting everything ready for Sookie's 1st Christmas and it is all over and done with already. Where does it go?

{Christmas Eve with Great Grandpa Jerry}

What made this year so special was looking for goodies to wrap under the tree for our sweet angel, baking a lot with my mom while we both made sure Sookie wasn't getting into too much trouble and that we weren't ruining the various yummy treats we were working on. We made a myriad of things but my favorites had to be the gingerbread cookies and these festive dipped marshmallows.

If I started to get stressed about making it to see family and friends on time, shopping, wrapping, hunting for the perfect gift, I reminded myself how much better this year was than last year. How much HOPE is all around; in every move Sookie makes and every breath we all take in and out.

{Note to self: email Dr. P and tell him that YES, he was right. This Christmas was much better than last year.}

She cracked us up on Christmas morning. She didn't really want to open anything, but then once I helped her, she wanted to play with that particular present and would get frustrated when we tried to entice her with the next present.

My parents gave her this little ride on car and she loves it to pieces!

I gave R these guitar pick fishing lures when he thought would make some mighty fancy earrings.

Sookie received some gorgeous Stella & Dot pearls from Glamma and Poppa.

...because really, what more does a girl need in life than her teacup and pearls?!

I adore this photo of our family, even though it was beyond nap time for Miss S.

Love those teeth!

This was a house across the street from my Grandma's and Sookie was obsessed with these giant blow up decorations. She kept putting her arm out and making noises toward them until I finally went over there.

I get a kick out of taking photos of everyone taking photos of Sookie. :)

Reading with Aunt Liz.

The aftermath...can you spot Jack, the wiener dog?

Sookie is so loved, so special, and such a light for a lot of people who know her. I was on cloud nine this year because I wasn't on bed rest or worrying about her heart. It was such a simple bliss to be able to pick her up and kiss her a thousand times whenever I wanted to!


  1. I am a new follower. I hope you will follow me back.
    Your daughter is adorable!

  2. What a lovely post, your daughter is a true cutie pie. Jack looks like he;s ready to escape from the chair filled with Christmas loot, giggle.
    Hopping over to say Hello and HAPPY Thursday.
    Hugs, Katherine

  3. hi Tahnie,

    Your daughter is so cute! Wasn't this the BEST Christmas ever, because you got to live it through her eyes?!

    btw: you are sooo rockin that headband! It made me giddy to see you wearing it when I was reading your post :)

  4. So adorable! I love the name Sookie.

  5. okay, those decorated marshmallows are beyond awesome and delicious-looking, and just plain PRETTY.

    i love how much red hair is coming in on miss sookie! man, she's an angel.

    so happy for your and sookie's first christmas. :) <3