20 August 2011

twenty eight

there is something monumental about waking up on the morning of your twenty eighth year here on earth, holding your impossible. her soft red curls, her toddler feet that are so big and yet still so small at the same time, her sweet milky breath full of youth and hope.

so here's to you, twenty eight; the year i honestly never thought i would see. one of my cystinosis heroes passed on when she was twenty four. it was gut wrenching. it felt like the world had been swiftly taken out from under me. it shook me to my very core. 

so here's to you, twenty eight; nineteen years longer than i was "supposed" to be here. 

so here's to you, twenty eight; i vow to push myself out of my comfort zone in every facet of this adventure of life. i vow to question anything and everything. i vow to never become comfortable being stagnant; in my dreams, in my goals, in my creativity, in motherhood, in love, in friendship, in my emotions, in my writing, in my wandering.

hello twenty eight.
let's do this.


  1. You are so damn inspiring. Excuse my language, but I think you deserve a few 'dammmmmmnnnnn giirrll's on your special day. You're a fighter and you're little girl will be too. Keep strong and be happy, and do what you were meant to do. You're here for a reason, and I'm sure glad you are, because you have taught me to appreciate the life that I have here and now and not to think of the impossible. Like Audrey Hepburn said 'Even the word itself says "I'm Possible"'. So, happy birthday to you on your big day! Go out and celebrate it in style!! <3

    Much Love,

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Hope your day is "monumental". :)

  3. Today is my 28th birthday too! :)
    Happy Birthday!

  4. I love that last line, SO MUCH! Happy belated birthday; I kept meaning to say it on Twitter or FB or something and never got around to it...oops! So, happy happy birthday! :)

  5. Happy birthday - sorry that I'm a few days late! Hope you celebrated in an amazingly fun way :)

  6. Happy birthday! I hope you live to be 100!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday.. I did say it on FB or Twitter thought {I can't remember which one}.

    Tahnie you are such an inspiration & I admire you in so many ways. Your strength is so up lifting & you shine with happiness & I love that. I love reading your blog!

  8. i LOVE this. Happy birthday :)

  9. beautiful post. happy birthday!