29 August 2011

the good stuff

the good stuff is realizing sonic diet coke is a tremendous assist when i must channel my inner badass on a 100 degree day, with a nap ready toddler and groceries that need to be purchased for dinner. i feel like any trip i try to take to target, just the two of us...is a recipe for disaster. however, at the peak of my frustrations, hindsight leans in and softly whispers, someday you will miss these adventures in toddlerhood; trying to balance crossing items off of my oh so sophisticated list on a post it, while little miss S thinks she needs to crawl on the germ infested floor while trying to push the cart that probably weighs a hundred times more than what she does. (girlfriend is tiny, she was 19 pounds at her 18 month check up.) yes, she somehow thinks she needs to crawl while pushing the very bottom of the cart. this all happening while i'm on the receiving end of some awesome stares because people think i'm a teenage mother. ;)

the good stuff is reveling in a lazy sunday morning of lady gaga, alice in wonderland (the target dollar bin book version) and juicy gala apples with our girl.

the good stuff is being inspired to change things up a bit in the house, rearrange, shift, add, take away, and so on and so forth. just as it goes in our hearts and minds; there is a season, turn turn turn. & a time to every purpose under heaven.

the good stuff is dropping everything on your to do list (literally, i dropped packages i needed to mail and my actual, physical representation of my to do list), to take your girl to the park.

the good stuff is roar's killer yard sale finds (yet again!); his penchant for yard sales rivals my grandma's. she was the queen; she found all the good stuff. the treasures no one knew they had. rory's finds on saturday were a fire pit and a corduroy love sac. if a corduroy love sac doesn't scream fall, i don't know what does.

the good stuff is the sound of football smoothly sliding through the air, with the promise of fall and the utes first season in the pac 12!

the good stuff is watching a girl and her pup play in the frigid water sprouting from the garden hose on a sweltering summer afternoon.

the good stuff is grilled pink lemonade chicken tenders. sounds crazy, i know! but you marinade chicken in frozen pink lemonade (don't add water) overnight and they are so tender they melt in your mouth.

the good stuff is trying out the tv on top of the fireplace, asking sookie her opinion and her response? "oh .wow!"

the good stuff is seeing the one you love fulfill a boyhood dream of owning a drum set. while yes, there have been frequent trips of loading sookie into the car to drive around and escape the noise, i'm a sucker for watching those who mean the world to me live out a piece of their dreams.

the good stuff is devouring a banana shake from taco amigo while on aforementioned escapes from the extreme noise of drums in the house. ;)

happy sunday!
what was your "good stuff" from this week?


  1. You've got lots of good stuff to celebrate! (Yay for yard sale scores!!) And in regards to your comment on my blog, I'm going to have to try honey in my coffee next... I'm intrigued :)

  2. Hopping over from FTLOB!

    That is some good stuff, indeed.

    To answer your question I would say the good stuff for me this week was taking the boys grocery shopping with me and actually having only two fights this time. Ha Ha.

  3. You've got some real good stuff going on! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on TSD.

    This was a weekend full of my favorite kind of good stuff - family, yummy food and of coure lots of ice cream. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  4. hmm really2 a good stuff...nice...:)