27 August 2011

five minute friday: older

five minute friday. have you heard of it? the wonder that is the gypsy mama came up with it and it is basically the coolest thing since sliced bread. every friday we gather, with just five minutes, just our words, no inhibitions, no excuses, no proofreading.

it is terrifying and i love it.

here we go.
(loving this topic a week after my birthday! so fitting)


time is geting older, you can feel it in the wind, in the stir of everlasting change that shifts all around us.
i am getting older, the days tell me so and so does the well earned lessons of motherhood, well living really. living comes with an abundance of lessons...who knew? (ha)
our gorgeous little miss is getting older, her movements more graceful than clumsy, her words forming more enunciated syllables, her pretend play becoming more and more sophisticated with each scenario that blooms in her constantly budding brain.
older is good, despite the cliche against it. older is wiser, stronger, more meaningful. with time comes true knowledge, who we should pour our love into, who we need to avoid, what we throw our energy into, what things aren't worth a second thought or glance, where we want to be when give a precious spare second or two, and so on and so forth. older is a blessing, so many don't get out of what they need in the days that they do have.

yesterday was a very frightening day for me. i'll elaborate later but i started to doubt if i would ever see my daughter or rory again. bolts of reality like that force you to reevaluate what you are holding yourself up for.