28 August 2011

now accepting sponsors!

hello lovely readers!

how is your weekend so far? busy, quiet, chaotic, lazy, a little bit of everything? ours has been intense heat, we are talking over 100 degrees here, and gorgeous stunning thunderstorms that just grab you by your very soul and force you to witness their powerful majesty. i love a good lightening display to remind me how small i really am in the grand scheme of this big ole world, but that sometimes the littlest actions can make the biggest changes.

which is why i'm proud to announce i am now accepting sponsors for this little web space i've become so dearly attached.

i do need to convey my thoughts on this, because i know it can be tricky territory balancing a personal blog with sponsors. please believe me when i say i've went over and over and over this giant leap in my heart and my head. at first, i felt ...well, icky for lack of a better word at the notion of even thinking about it. obviously i am not this momma or this momma so what makes me think i'm so special people will want to advertise on my blog? well, i don't. ha. however; i love etsy, i love small businesses, i heart handmade, i love all of your beautiful blogs i discover daily. i love this incredible vast blog land that gives us all a huge opportunity to not only follow our dreams, but to downright chase them until we tackle them and laugh with gleeful triumph. i'm a firm believer in working together, supporting each other, building each other up. while income is like sex and politics, not a topic that is easily discussed, nor something i want to make a habit of discussing here, my medical expenses are overwhelming. by accepting sponsors i can contribute (a little more) to them and thus make a better life for my family i have dreamed of for so long.

i always strive to be honest here, so please know that! i appreciate each and every one of you who visit..truly it means the world. so...this is my new adventure here and i'm going to try it out. if it doesn't work? then i'll figure something else out. but i'm thrilled, excited, and feel blessed to work with some of you promoting your blogs, your businesses, your shops, in a way that we BOTH win, and in a mutual respect that this is a partnership. :)

a happy girl had over 20,000 page views in july 2011 and currently has 425 followers through google. because i am just venturing into accepting sponsors, rates are extremely affordable.

click HERE for rates and more information.
email me at tahnie@gmail.com

thank you so much for your continued support. you all are incredible!



  1. Hi there!!
    I got here through For The Love Of Blogs. Glad I bumped into you - your blog is adorable!

    Maybe you could come visit me too and we could follow each other? My blog is only four months old and I'm still struggling to get more readers. Maybe we could follow each other and share some?

    Have a very nice weekend!


  2. Good for you!! It's funny that it's hard for so many of us to take that step and put it out there about sponsors and monetizing and all that, when we work so hard on our blogs!

  3. Congrats on all of your wonderful success! Popping in from comment love day! Happy seeing beautiful.