14 August 2011

days are where we live

I find the moments that fulfill me to the point I feel so utterly invincible that nothing ugly can touch me, are the every day ones. The act of making food to nourish the bodies of my two loves, the simple process of a bed time routine with our girl (okay, maybe not so simple these days during todderhood! haha) but the every day normalcy of going to the grocery store with my little family is huge in a way I can't contain in mere words. why? clawing through my childhood, normal is something i ached for...and now? now i bow down to normalcy and thank her for covering me in her tiny fragmented bliss. because in my world normal is not something i have had a big taste of; normal is my exception. normal is epic. normal is magic.

What are days for?
Days are where we live.
They come, they wake us
Time and time over.
They are to be happy in:
Where can we live but days?

Ah, solving that question
Brings the priest and the doctor
In their long coats
Running over the fields.


by Philip Larkin

this poem is in the beginning of the book, one day.

brilliant movie previews give me goosebumps. THIS nearly sent hormonal overly emotional me into sobs. yep, just the trailer. i've never read the book, so i feel slightly icky writing an entire post that was inspired by it, but nonetheless...you grab inspiration where you find it. i hope the movie lives up to the tale of wondrous romance and gut wrenching emotions i have built it up to in my head.

the other day Sookie was playing in her room as i was putting clothes away in her closet. i was chit chatting with her and asked, 

"how are you?"

her 18 month old, gleeful response, clear as a bell?


i couldn't quite believe it.
the tears spilled over out of my eyes, flowing freely and wildly.

she gets it. she's so smart and teaches me how to live;
every single day.

i cherish rainy day picnics in the park with my mom and sookie. little miss doing the overly hippie thing and actually dancing to the tune of the birds singing. i laughed so hard, belly laughs. oh i laughed. 

the simple pleasure of enjoying 
wine and sushi after a long day. but then again, any day of motherhood is long. oh but it is amazing. it all is. i'm ready for every second and to squeeze every last drop of joy out of each day.



  1. She is so precious, I love her flowers in her hair!

    My book so far is really good, I am huge fan of Big Love so whenever I read stuff like this I get really into it.

    Thanks for checking me out!

  2. BEAUTIFUL post!!!! SO HAPPY you stopped over to my blog, and even more happy that you support the GiveLove idea. Would love you have to join in :) The more that join and share the more it encourages people to do the same. Your blog is beautiful and your story is an amazing testimony to God's grace. It's amazing that you share it beacuse it can inspire and encourage others too!
    Will be following you now and on twitter too!!


  3. First, LOVE that pic of your little one!! She is adorable :)

    Second, my princess tells me daily that she is "happy" - no matter what we are doing :) The children are amazing, aren't they??

  4. soaking in your every word. totally inspired by you, my dear! your little gal is positively lovely!!

  5. perfect post! She is too adorable!

  6. beautiful post and beautiful blog!!

  7. i love this post! beautiful!

  8. what a little pumpkin! #commenhour

  9. Beautiful post. It is so important to cherish those little moments.

  10. My son is the same age. The other day we were driving home and he had been a bit sad in the car, but when we turned into our street he called out: 'Happy! Happy!' We live for our kids, don't we.

  11. Fun having someone so cute to take pictures of all the time.

  12. How adorable is this? So nice and refreshing to read such a heartwarming post like yours. We really do have to remember to treasure the little moments with our little ones!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  13. Your baby so cute. She looks happy!! Lovely post family is a blessing.