13 August 2011

saturday morning scene

ah, saturday. although there is still plenty to do everywhere, the morning always greets me gently with an urge to slow down and enjoy stolen moments of stillness. 

...and silliness! 
this is one of sookie's newest & most favorite tricks.
she thinks she is hilarious.
whenever she does it, i get the urge to watch the movie, penelope. 
ha! ;)

she loves it when daddy is home to play.
i cherish watching their fun spirits bounce off of each other.
and someone making breakfast for me isn't bad either! ;)

so here's to slower weekend chores,
to do lists,
but a healthy dose of childlike wonder
and capitalizing on every chance you get
to be a little goofy.

what does your saturday morning scene look like?

thanks so much for reading.
it means more than you will ever know.
happy saturday friends!

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Saturday Morning Scene


  1. Looks like fun!

    Our Saturday is boring, and hectic. Daddy gets home at 7am, goes to bed til 8pm, them does it all over the next day. We eat, play, watch Signing Time, eat, watch Elmo and Ice Age, then eat some more.

    Your Saturday sounds a lot more fun!

  2. I think it is so funny we have almost the same name. (My name is Tani.) I bet they are pronounced the same way. I've never met anyone with the same name as me before.

  3. i totally love this post. sometimes watching (or just having kids) reminds me to slow down and enjoy life!

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