30 August 2011

handbags, happy news, & glitter shoes

this post will be fluffy joyful things because i'm still feeling not so hot since my little ER trip on thursday; in addition to a few other things, i am so nauseous one would think i am pregnant, but i am most definitely not (& that is another entire novel of a blog post right there) and hey...the good stuff is always more potent than the bad, right? ;)

happy news?

roar's iPhone app company, Appdicted had it's best day ever on sunday. most single sales in any 24 hour period since last June when this venture was a new chapter for us.

we are feeling so humbled, so grateful, so...ready for ALL of this. ;)

have you seen the new handbag collection at Stella & Dot ?
drool over them all with me, will you? 

absolutely thrilled to welcome our very first blog sponsor, pure katherine & her glitter shoes! 

katherine takes a pair of shoes you already own, but have grown tired or bored of, then she makes them all sorts of pretty. seriously, how fabulous is that?!

i'm a girl who loves glitter and who covets as many shoes as carrie bradshaw owns, so when you put the two together? my heart skips a beat or two at the mere thought of such a fantastic marriage. 

katherine is so generously offering you dear readers 10% off through september 15th, with code AHAPPYGIRL. so go, get your glitter on. you can conquer anything in glitter shoes, i can attest to that. ;)

check out her blog too and send her some love & light; http://www.purekatherine.com/


tomorrow i will hunt down ambition, cross at least two things off my to-do list & if i don't cross off five, that's okay too. our girl is changing so vastly every single minute, i feel compelled to document each second of her life to show her how amazing she is.

...but i have a feeling she already knows.

sometimes we need the fluff to cling to, in order to make it past the things in life that are...well, not so fluffy.

here's to hoping your tuesday has some fluff to counteract the not so.



  1. Love it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Nothing like some good news-way to go Rory!! And what CAN'T glitter shoes fix?!? Hope you are better after your ER visit. The ER straight up sucks. Big hugs for you and your family! Love you!

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