04 August 2011

Five Minute Friday: Whole

It doesn't seem right it is already Friday again, but I'm going to embrace her.

Five Minute Friday.
Five minutes.
No rules.
No grammar checks.
No edits.
No worries.
No guts.
No glory.


For the longest time, I had my life planned out, imagined every piece that would be and how I would get there. Last summer when a part of that puzzle was crushed, I had a crazy difficult time accepting that. But of course, working in the field I dreamed of for so long was surely a part of me that would happen, no matter what. I had worked hard in school, graduated and earned my wings in this big scary world.

And then, somewhere along this journey, it hit me, with nearly the force of an asteroid, it doesn't matter. I don't have to be working in the profession I so love, in order to be whole. Oh, I know it sounds so simple it is elementary, but for me to wrap my bruised ego around that fact was a cautious step. I felt like it was giving up in a way.

But now? Now I know I can be whole in the wake of the footprints of this different path my life has taken. Sometimes the most beautiful roads are the ones on which we are forced to make the most unexpected detours.

(Cliche? Sure. True? Oh yes.)


  1. Oh yes! So very true - beautiful roads are most often made of unexpected detours.

    Came by way of FMF today and enjoyed your words!

  2. So, SO true. So happy that you have discovered a detour that brings you peace. ;)

  3. So true the need to find peace and wholeness when life diverts from the path we expect.

  4. So glad you came to that peace. I think turning 40 flipped a switch of acceptance in me somehow.

    Have a blessed day!


  5. Love your perspective and all in such pretty words!

  6. You are living the life you never even dared to dream of. If that isn't whole, I don't know what is.

    I love you!