22 August 2011

for one minute please

today's thoughts are super quick. 

birthday weekend was beyond lovely. i'm talking disney perfection level of loveliness. this morning? phenomenal; i felt incredible, restful night of sleep (s spent the night at glamma and poppa's), healthy lunch (after a weekend of not so good for me things), clean hair...i felt unstoppable. crazy that is all it takes to boost my confidence, right?

then a bunch of not so fun, real life ridiculousness happened at little miss' 18 month check up, concerning insurance...and i was a mess. sprinkle on the details that she is no longer on the growth chart for weight and momma was feeling defeated.

tomorrow is a fresh start, a clean slate, a blank canvas; i will make phone calls and channel my meanest momma bear and move mountains.

because that is what we do for our babes, yes?

and really, we've been through worse; we've fought bigger battles and won. we've climbed higher mountains and celebrated at the peak. we've danced more dangerous dances and come out alive. 

no one said this would be easy.

hope your tuesday is full of good lessons.


  1. Life is full of lessons every single day. It's amazing what God can teach us in 24 hours!! Hope that He feels you with peace and joy today!

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! following you now, duh! I love how simple and clean your blog is... refreshing!


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  3. and also-- wow, I just read a little bit about you and your illness. I am so impressed by you. I was recently diagnosed with lupus and I thought it was awful, but reading about what you are facing and with such a positive attitude is nothing short of inspiring!

  4. what an amazing sign to post!!!!! i love that it :)


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