13 December 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday

By no means am I a photographer in any way, shape, or form. Oh, I daydream of being one, but it will never happen. I don't think I have the patience and I've never taken a class. But, I thought it would be fun to link up to Sweet Shot Tuesdays.

Sweet Shot Day

If I'm having a rough morning health wise (mornings have always been the hardest time of day, even when not pregnant! Ha.) we will spend some time in Sookie's room for a bit while I rummage around my worn out body for some energy. I love to play around with the natural light and get shots of her with Jack. Because oh how they adore teasing each other.

I took this the day we put up her fairy Christmas tree in her bedroom. She was fascinated with the green butterfly ornament. Such a precious memory to capture!


  1. She is a Cutie Patootie! She definitely works the hat : )

  2. Hey you don't have to take classes and I am proof to that. I have not taken a class since HS and then I didn't really go I was a remble. I started out like you taking pictures of my kid then I started to take pics of other things with my stupid point and shoot. then I got PSE8 and a new camera from my great hubby. and then it become more it took over it was what I thought a lot about then I started a small business in sept which just took off and I have not taken one class I figure out the settings on my own and I fail a lot but succeed too. you just have to have an eye for it and the rest will come to you and looking at this pic you have talent. because its adorable! good luck to you. (sorry for the book.)

  3. Hello! Visiting here and happy tuesday. Your little girl is adorable, such a cutie!

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  6. Such pretty eyes! The cap is beautiful. :)

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  8. Very sweet Tuesday shot indeed!


  9. Adorable Picture!!

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  10. Super cute! Don't say never! :)

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  12. What a sweet little girl! Love it!

  13. too adorable :)
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